Sunday, October 17, 2010

New Shelves For the Boys...

I have been wanting to make some book shelves for my  boys for their room.  So I asked my husband if we could make them a couple.   I so wish that I had taken a before shot of the wood.  We used reclaimed wood that was in our pole barn when we moved here and it was painted a faded red color.  We were both so surprised when we sanded and here was this neat looking wood underneath!  Oh I when I added the poly to it!  Gasp!  I couldn't believe how unique and beautiful they looked.  WOW!   The swirls of different colors in the shelves were great!  I could hardly wait for them to be put in their rooms.  So never underestimate that ugly board that you think will never be pretty no matter if you sand it or not, because you just might come up with a beautiful project that you keep going back to look at!

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