Friday, July 30, 2010

Got Zucchini? Make Popsicles...

Now don't cringe, I know that some might. But my kids LOVE the fruit smoothies that I make with frozen fruit, vanilla yogurt and a little milk. But this time I thought that I would "hide" some zucchini in them. They never even knew. :) So since this was a success I made another batch but to make popsicles for the kids and this time I put little more zucc with fruit. Tasted pretty good. What great way to hide the veggies! And I also made some cantaloupe pops too, gotta use that fruit before it goes bad. But haven't tried 'em yet. We'll see!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

T.P. Wall Art...

So I found a post about a starburst mirror, which I love! I have made two already. I will post those later. But in the comments of this post someone had said something about toilet paper art. WHAT?? So it got my curiosity going. I had to search it out and see what the heck that meant. What I found was something so cute...I thought anyway :). Check it out here . I had to try it out. Here is my try at it.
It was pretty simple to do. First, you press your toilet paper roll in half. Second, cut into about 5 strips about 1/2 in or more wide. Does not need to be precise. Third lay out on a flat surface and place in an order that you like, you can also widen the strips like I did to make different shapes. Then glue where the sides are touching. I used hot glue, it was easier for me and dries fast. Then when I was finished I spray painted my a purple color I got from the dollar store. I then hung it from two nails that were here from the previous owners. I have yet to paint the downstairs. Can't find a color I like! This craft was simple but cute!