Thursday, August 19, 2010

Why I would LOVE to win a serger from

The first time I ever got to use a serger was in the 7th grade in my Home Ec. class. I fell instantly in love!! Who wouldn't love the wonderful edges that a serger makes and it cuts as you go! I made my cousin a blanket for her baby while she was pregnant. I didn't know what she was having so I made a blanket that had solid pink fabric and an elephant print in pink, the other side had the same but in blue. I loved that blanket so much! I have wanted to do that pattern again, but I have not had a serger, and it makes it SO easy with serger! :) I had a chance to use a friend's serger a few years ago, but I couldn't decide on what fabric to put on my comforter so I gave it back. I didn't want her to think I was going to keep it! :) I have been redoing my craft/sewing room and KNOW that I could find the perfect spot to put it! My sewing machine is SO lonely without a new Husqvarna Viking Serger and my life would be so much better because I could make my comforter (warm body in the winter :) ) and I would be able to put clothes together a lot easier for my kiddos. In short...I would be able to sew, sew, sew...

This is a small preview of my craft/sewing room redo, sorry for the side ways photo! I will show a full reveal later. But I painted the lower part of the walls a turquoise blue color and I am still rearranging and putting things away. That is why there is only a close up of my sewing machine. But doesn't it need a serger for a friend?

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